Cemimax A300

Cemimax A300

Cemimax A300 is a acrylate polymers high quality adhesive for resilient floor and textile coverings.

Cemimax A300 is a very low emission dispersion adhesive for almost all textile coverings, therefore truly universal strong thread-formation, giving reliable adhesion in interior areas.

Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet

Products Features and Benefits

  • Stable quality Bonding, layer has durable resilience.
  • Good water resistance, excellent bonding strength.
  • Very high initial tack and final bonding strength.
  • Easy application, high coverage rate.

Technical Data

( Under normal conditions at 20℃.)

  • Packaging: 20kg/10kg/5kg Plastic drum
  • Shelf-life: Min. 12 months
  • Colour: Cream-white
  • Working temperature: Min. 15℃ at floor level
  • Consumption: 160-200 g/㎡
  • Open time: 5-30 minutes Working time: 1-2 hours
  • Set to traffic: After 24-48 hours
  • Final strength: After 5-7 days

Limitations and Important Notes

The product should be protected against frost and direct light during transportation, storage and application. Application temperature should not be lower than 5℃.

Suitable Substrate Conditions

  • Textile coverings with synthetic secondary backings
  • Textile coverings with foam-, latex- or fleece- backings
  • Woven goods, needlepunch and natural fibre carpets
  • Felt-backed PVC and cushioned vinyl of thickness <2mm coverings


  • Allow primers and smoothing compounds to dry thoroughly. Refer to the product Data Sheet for the products used.
  • Stir thoroughly the product before use, Apply it evenly on the surface of substrate by using A2 or A3 toothed trowel. After short open time of 20-40 min. the substrate is ready to accept above flooring material.
  • After the flooring material is applied on the substrate rub the surface by wood plate or roll by roller to remove entranced air under the flooring material. Make sure that the adhesive has transferred to the back of the flooring material.
  • The adhesive will be dried after 24h, and set to foot traffic after 48h.