Cemimax Cemi Screed Max

Cemimax Cemi Screed Max

Hydraulic binder for Fast setting screed High-performance quick-drying early-strength and controlled shrinkage screed

Screedmax is a special high-performance composite dry powder mortar product for quick-drying and early-strength screed. This product is mainly suitable for subfloor backfill screed. It has the advantages of convenient on-site construction, fast drying speed (4 days), high drying strength, low shrinkage, etc. It is very suitable for backfilling of old ground renovation mortar. Urgently, there are construction sites with higher strength requirements for backfill leveling mortar layer, which can meet the construction requirements with high requirements and short construction period.

Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet

Products Features and Benefits

  • Modified polyacrylate-copolymers with bond strengthening resins

  • Quick drying, greatly shorten the construction cycle

  • High drying strength, early reaching peak strength

  • Stable performance, low shrinkage, not crack

Technical Data

  • Product Identity Consistency: Powder
  • Colour: grey
  • Bulk density (kg/m2): 850
  • Dry solids content (%): 100
  • Application Data Mixing ratio: 200-250 kg of with 1 m2 of aggregate (diameter from 0-8 mm) and 110-130 kg of water for dry aggregate
  • Density of the mix (kg/m2): 2100
  • Mixing time: 5-10 minutes
  • Working time of mix: 60 minutes
  • Application temperature: from +5°C to +35°C
  • Set to light foot traffic: after 12 hours
  • Ready for use: 4 days
  • Application of levelling compound: after 1-4 days
  • Waiting time before installation:
    24 hours for ceramic tiles
    2 days for stone material
    4 days for resilients and wood
  • Residual moisture after 4 days (%): < 2.0
  • Compressive Strength:
    After 1 day approx. 8Mpa
    After 4 day approx. 15Mpa
    After 7 day approx. 22Mpa
    After 28 day approx. 30Mpa
  • Flexural Strength:
    After 1 day approx. 3Mpa
    After 4 day approx. 4Mpa
    After 7 day approx. 5Mpa
    After 28 day approx. 6Mpa

Limitations and Important Notes

  • Do not mix and mix this product with cement or other cement and plaster mixtures
  • Please do not mix the product with aggregates in dry powder state. Add appropriate amount of water immediately according to the construction instructions.

  • Please do not stir only fine sand, 0-8mm aggregate sand (5-6cm thickness)

  • Please do not add water again to the mixture that has been stirred for construction

  • Strength after drying requires a certain construction thickness guarantee

  • Fiber aggregate, metal aggregate and other special aggregates can be added to improve performance

  • Fiber aggregate, metal aggregate and other special aggregates can be added to improve performance


screedMax 200-250 kg/m3

  • With aggregate sand diameter 0-8 m m 1650-1800 kg/m 3
  • Water 110-130 kg/m3 (dry aggregate, the amount of water can depend on the moisture in the aggregate)


Sreedmax 20kg bag

  • With aggregate diameter 0-8 mm 140-160 kg
  • Water 10-12kg (dry aggregate, the amount of water can depend on the moisture in the aggregate)


  • All kinds of construction sites that need construction backfill screed leveling, old ground renovation, newly poured concrete substrate , indoor and outdoor, etc. need to quickly shorten the construction cycle and improve the strength of the substrate screed layer.
  • The screed layer needs to be accessed after 12 hours of construction. After 4 days, it can be dried to lay elastic floors, and after 8 days, wooden floors can be laid
  • Tile floor should be laid 24 hours after screed set up, or natural stone floor should be laid 2 days later
  • Quickly repair and backfill partially damaged substrate
  • Floor heating fast backfill screed