Cemimax DL10

Cemimax DL10

Self-levelling cement flooring compound for economically raise floors

DL10 is an advanced cement and polymer based levelling compound with special aggregate. DL10 is formulated with high flow performance for leveling work on installation of thick layers. DL10 is very suitable for quick-setting preparation solutions and also can be used as a fast set screed with low ratio water mixing.

Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet

Products Features and Benefits

Plastic dry cement mortar with finely graded fillers. When mixed with water, produces a hydraulic-setting smoothing compound with good flow properties and high coverage.

Special cements, mineral fillers, polyvinyl-acetate-copolymers, flow agents and additives.

  • Easy apply

  • Quick setting

  • Superior flow – fast application

  • Can be used as fast set screed

  • High-depth limitation

  • Compatible with other cemimax leveling compound

  • For Interior and Exterior use

  • Suitable for Radiant Floor Heating systems

Technical Data

  • Compressive Strength:
    After 1 Day Approx. 15mpa
    After 7 Days Approx. 20mpa
    After 28 Days Approx. 30mpa
  • Tensile Bending Strength:
    After 1 Day Approx. 5mpa
    After 7 Days Approx. 7mpa
    After 28 Days Approx. 8mpa
  • Pack-size: 20kg/bag
  • Shelf-life: Min,12 Months
  • Coverage: Approximately 5-6mÇ at 3mm thick
  • VOC Level: <0.5 mg/m3

  • Working time: 15-25mins
  • Drying time: 10-30mins
    Suitable for direct stick

Limitations and Important Notes

  • Minimum shelf-life 12 months in original packaging and in dry storage conditions. Tightly seal opened packaging and use the contents as quickly as possible.
  • Best applied at 18-25℃, floor temperature above 15℃ and relative humidity below 75%. Low temperatures and high humidity delays setting, drying and readiness for covering. High temperatures shorten the working time. Therefore use the coldest possible mixing water during the summer.
  • Protect freshly smoothed surfaces from draughts direct sunlight and influences of heat.
  • The product should be protected against frost and direct light during transportation, storage and application. Application temperature should not be lower than 5℃.
  • Dispose of empty packaging according to local regulations.

Substrate Preparation

  • The substrate must be sound, free from cracks, dry, clean and free from materials which would impair adhesion.

  • Test the substrate according to applicable standards and report any deficiencies.
  • Brush, abrade, grind or shot-blast any weak surface sections or areas which eill not accept adhesion.
  • Thoroughly vacuum to remove loose material and dust. According to type and condition of the subfloor, suitable primer.
  • Allow primers to dry thoroughly.


  • Mixing Ratio:Use 2.7 liters of water to 20 kg of powder when used as a leveller. Use 2.3 liters of water to 20 kg of powder when used as a fast set screed.
  • For best flow ability of product, mix for 3 mins.
  • Pour the mixture on the area to be applied, spread the material uniformly to required thickness using toothed rake. It is the next step to remove entranced air by particular roller.
  • Drying time at 20℃ is approx 4 hours for walked on. Poor air-flow and lower temperatures will significantly affect drying times.