Cemimax DP400

Cemimax DP400

2K Epoxy Resin Moisture Vapor Retarder and Surface Hardening Primer

Cemimax DP400 is a 2-component solvent-free epoxy primer and bonding agent. Designed for use with Cemimax self-leveling underlayment and polishable overlays as a sand broadcast carrier using #30 sand. DP400 is used when there is worry about the subfloor you are bonding with.

Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet

Products Features and Benefits

  • Bridges cracks
  • Moisture control up to 100% RH
  • Increase the strength of the substrate
  • Very good resistance to chemical
  • Excellent covering and filling capacity
  • Solvent free

Technical Data

(Under normal conditions at 20℃.)

  • Packaging: Metal can
  • Packsize: 12 kg by Set
  • Shelf-life: 12 months
  • Working temperature: Min. 5-30℃ at floor level
  • Consumption: 300-600g/㎡ *
  • Drying time: 12-24 hours by foot traffic
  • Pot life: 25-30 minutes
  • Mixing ratio: A:B = 1:2
  • Working time: 2 hours 

Limitations and Important Notes

The product should be protected against frost and direct light during transportation, storage and application. Application temperature should not be lower than 5℃.

Suitable Substrate Conditions

  • A vapor retarder for use up to 100 % RH on scarified, very dense or smooth concrete
  • Properly prepared epoxy coatings, ceramic tile, terrazzo and VCT
  • Properly prepared sound and stable concrete substrates, both smooth and nonabsorbent as well as absorbent or profiled
  • Use on cracked substrates as repair resin


  • All surfaces should be structurally sound, dry, solid and stable.
  • Clean surface to remove any contaminant bond breaking materials such as sealers, wax, oil and dirt.
  • If mechanically polishing surface should be profiled using a grinder or bead blaster.
  • After mixing A and B components stir the materials fully.
  • Apply the primer evenly to fully cover the surface using a fine-pored foam roller cross-strokes 
  • Broadcast quartz sand (70-140#) to refusal while primer surface is wet.
  • Use as moisture vapor retarder must be installed at a uniform layer thickness of at least 30 mils (0.1 perms). After application immediately at a back roll material (90 degrees to the direction of squeege / trowel coat) using an Nylon Fiber Roller pre-saturated in DP400 solution.
  • Allow to dry for 16-24 hours then vacuum loose sand. Apply leveling compound.