Cemimax Hypermax Grout

Cemimax Hypermax Grout

Multi Purpose Construction Grout

Cemimax Hypermax is a multi purpose Construction Grout designed to provide high flexural and compressive strength performance. It is non-metallic, non-shrink, non-corrosive and contains no added chlorides. Cemimax Hypermax Grout is ideal a for a wide variety of precision applications that include:

  • Machinery Grouting: Machinery bases, compressors, punch presses, generators.
  • Structural Grouting: Steel columns, precast columns, crane rails, beams.
  • Anchoring: Guard rails, sign posts, dowels, rods, bolts, post-tension anchor heads and pan fill.

Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet

Products Features and Benefits

  • Workability: Meets standards through a wide range of con- sistencies
  • Thixotropic: High flow restored by agitation
  • Non-Corrosive: Will not rust

  • Cost Effective: Extendable

  • Strength: Attains high compressive strengths at specified water ratios

  • Economical: Good performance and low cost

  • Performance: Joins, supports and anchors

  • Hardens free of bleeding or segregation

  • Consistent: Strict Quality Control testing and standards

Technical Data

  • Compressive Strength: 60MPa
  • Pack-size: 20kg/bag
  • Color: grey
  • Shelf-life: Min,12 months
  • Coverage: Approximately 5-6m2 at 3mm thick

Limitations and Important Notes

  • Minimum shelf-life 12 months in original packaging and in dry storage conditions. Tightly seal opened packaging and use the contents as quickly as possible.
  • Best applied at 18-25℃, floor temperature above 15℃ and relative humidity below 75%. Low temperatures and high humidity delays setting, drying and readiness for covering. High temperatures shorten the working time. Therefore use the coldest possible mixing water during the summer.
  • Protect freshly smoothed surfaces from draughts direct sunlight and influences of heat.
  • The product should be protected against frost and direct light during transportation, storage and application. Application temperature should not be lower than 5℃.


Mixing: Cemimax Hypermax must be mechanically mixed. Use a forced action high shear stirrer for optimum results and to avoid any lumps.

  • Place 2.6 - 2.8 litres of potable water (per 20kg bag) into a clean bucket.

  • Add Cemimax Hypermaxl slowly with the high shear mixer operating.

  • Continue mixing for 3-4 minutes after final addition of ingredients.

  • Pourfiowable mortar mixture directly into pan void until desired level is achieved.

  • Coat filled surface with a suitable curing compound.