Moisture Vapor Retarders

With the ability to work effectively on multiple types of surfaces, our primers and moisture vapor retarders are integral components of subfloor preparation. Once our primers and retarders dry completely, applying Cemimax self-leveling compounds becomes a simpler task. For maximum adhesion between substrates in your subfloor preparation, you can depend on our line of primers. Learn more about our products below or contact us to request a quote!

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Cemimax DP200 is a pure polyurethane resin with very high quality developed particularly for subfloors that must be quickly brought to a condition ready for covering installation. Special can be used as low moisture vapor retarder for concrete and cement-based subfloors. For interior and exterior use.

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Cemimax DP400 is a 2-component solvent-free epoxy primer and bonding agent. Designed for use with Cemimax self-leveling underlayment and polishable overlays as a sand broadcast carrier using #30 sand. DP400 is used when there is worry about the subfloor you are bonding with.

Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet

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