Two Part Polyurethane Sealer and Adhesives


Two Part Polyurethane Sealer

Cemimax PU Sealer is a Water-Based Polyurethane Clear Coat that can be used over the Cemimax self-leveling and polishable overlays; as well as most commercial and industrial concrete and masonry surfaces requiring a durable, UV stable, sealer. It also is an ideal topcoat for Cemimax PU Color sealer as well as DecoTop/ DL 99 decorative concrete overlay. Cemimax PU Sealer over can bring that finished look to any manufacturers application of stamped concrete, stained concrete, and even surfaces exposed to heavy traffic. Provides the performance characteristics of a solvent-based system with the ease of application of a water-based system. PU Color brings the ability for this product to be tinted to any color.

  • Provides a tough, durable, aesthetically pleasing finish.
  • UV Stable and will not yellow out
  • Available in a choice of satin, gloss, or matte sheen levels.
  • Meets strict VOC regulations, making it suitable for use in all states.
  • Breathable to minimize moisture entrapment and coating degradation.
  • Can be used in USDA-inspected facilities.
  • Excellent wear, adhesion properties, and chemical resistance.
  • Safe for application in occupied buildings.
Cemimax Polyurethane Sealer
Cemimax Polyurethane Sealer



Premium adhesives, designed for the installation all different types of floor coverings on porous and nonporous substrates. From our A2000 to our two part A710 Urethane wood adhesive they all have great shear strength, excellent resistance to plasticizers and is quick drying, allowing for fast installations. We are confident that you will find the adhesive you need for your projects needs.

Cemimax Polyurethane Sealer A2000
Cemimax Polyurethane Sealer A300
Cemimax Polyurethane Sealer A600
Cemimax Polyurethane Sealer A710E
Cemimax Polyurethane Sealer A710